House Rules (GM edits only please)

As an introduction to this section, I would like to say that this section is never final. I will let everyone know when I make a new rule, or modify an old house rule. Never are new or modified rules retro-active. What has happened so far in a game is permanent. These house rules are rules that I have created due to past experiences to make the game more enjoyable for the overall party. Some rules may change the way you will be allowed to play a character, but I have them there for the party’s benefit, and hopefully, it will make the game more enjoyable for everyone. As with everything, if you have any questions, concerns, or comments, feel free to talk to me (before the game is best, that way game time is spent playing the game and not discussing rules and technicalities).

If I have forgotten any rules here (which I am sure I have), please let me know and I will add them.

Party Dynamics

NEW RULE: (This rule is to improve playability and increase the rate at which the game moves)
No rolls are allowed to be made to check against any other party members. This includes bluff checks, sense motive checks, diplomacy, disguise… etc. These characters are your friends and allies (whether such a back story exists or not… make it work). With that said, role-playing is free game. If you feel your character would be suspicious, feel suspicious, but, I don’t want this to drag the game down. If you need clarification about this rule, ask me, I am always willing to assist.

Any damage purposefully caused to the party or a party member by another party member will be allowed (unless if causing death), HOWEVER, your character will die by doing so. I DO NOT appreciate anyone ruining other people’s fun. I may also not allow you to make a new character.

Hit Points

if (level == 1)
  hitDieRoll = hitDie;

for (int level = 2; level <= 20; level++)
  roll(hitDie, hitDieRoll);
  if (hitDieRoll <= (hitDie / 2))
    level = level - 1;
    hitPoints += hitDieRoll;

Magical Healing

if (healPointRoll == 1)

Skill Checks

if (dieRoll == 1)
__return SkillCheck(dieRoll) – 10;
else if (dieRoll == 20)
__return SkillCheck(dieRoll) + 10;
__return SkillCheck(dieRoll);


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