Pathfinder - Big "M" and the Three Twins

Session 001 (My Mother/Aunt)

The players received word of the recently departed professor’s funeral. They all decided to attend for various reasons… One attended for honor, another for the professor’s daughter, Kendra Lorrimor, and yet another for ‘stuff,’ and yet even another out of pure confusion (translation issues).

As the coffin was being carried to the grave-site, the group was jumped by thugs from Ravengro wishing not to have a necromancer buried in the Restlands. Appalled by the claim of necromancy, the group determined it was necessary to slaughter them (or at least one of them). After the conflict, the funeral proceeded, though with a bit of argument as to whether Lorrimor was truly dead.

Once stuck in the ground, the PCs shared a few touching stories of their experience with Lorrimor. And then they went back to the Lorrimor Mansion to have the reading of the will. The will stated that the daughter would receive all of the professor’s belongings and also included a favor of the adventurers. The favor was to stay in Ravengro for a month to ensure that his daughter was safe. Also, to bring some tomes of his collection to Embreth Daramid at Lepidstadt University.

Amoung the tomes that the PCs were to bring to Lepidstadt, was the professor’s journal. In it the PCs found some clues that they thought might be of some use. There were some circled entries in red. These entries are listed here.

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