Welcome to Big “M” and the Three Twins

Alright, this week, we had some issues with Standard Adventuring Gear and some intra-party dynamics. I have put a list here of what I will say is “standard adventuring gear.” If anyone wants to buy some extra at this point, do so. For the sake of game-play, the issue of intra-party dynamics needs to be addressed, but game-play is LAGGING badly. In attempt to fix this, I have modified the House Rules. Please read these. I don’t want anything to be a surprise next game.

As always, if you have a dispute with any of these (either the Standard Adventuring Gear, or the House Rules), let me know and we can discuss it. I don’t want anyone to feel shafted. The three keys in a successful Pathfinder game is that its fun, exciting (challenging), and fair.

Please read over the Standard Adventuring Gear and the House Rules sections and let me know of any feedback.

Pathfinder - Big "M" and the Three Twins

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